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December 12, 2018

Square Mile Coffee Blog

Christmas ’18 Gift Guide

It’s here: the festive season, the Christmas parties, the potential awkwardness after, Mariah and Buble’s month to shine, and you’re all sorted for everyone’s gifts, right? Right?

No? Us neither, but we’re here to help. Obviously, we think the gift of coffee is a good starting point. Whether they have recently had a cup of the good stuff that changed their opinion, or if they’re into coffee in a serious way – there’s something for everyone!

For the taster

This year we thought the idea of a Filter Gift Box with 175g of 4 differing coffees would be fun! This also presents the perfect opportunity to spend the time with this brewer ‘helping’ them get through that coffee and being provided cup after cup. You’re a good friend.

Comes with a brew guide ensuring each coffee can reach its full potential and your kindness is rewarded with proper brews.

For the dabbler

For someone who already dabbles with speciality coffee and has some basic kit, why not opt for our AeroPress Brew Box.

With an almost iconic following now, the Aeropress has a multitude of ways to brew, it’s easy to transport (think camping, or planes, trains and automobiles). Included with the brewer is a bag of the Kenyan Kimandi AB and a griffin mug to press it all into. All presented in a smart box to gift ready for the big day.

For the espresso drinker

Their kitchen is complete with an espresso machine, grinders, tampers, all the kit needed to pull some great shots, they don’t need more kit. Just tasty coffee.

This box includes a bag of our classic seasonal espresso blend the Red Brick and a bag of Nigatu Ware from Ethiopia, both tasty in their own way and a really nice contrast, they just have to choose which to dive into first! Click here to get a box on its way for Christmas time.

For the coffee aficionado

The all bells and whistles gift box to make their Christmas, birthday and entire next year is the Ultimate Brew Box! This is also a good way to ensure good coffee at home or to put in front of the boss for better workplace coffee next year!

Included is the Wilfa Classic+ Brewer, which makes fantastic coffee at the touch of a button, the Wilfa Svart Grinder, with an ideal grind range, easy clean hopper, and a timed grind option.

Also included is a bag of the Kimandi AB from Kenya, paper filters (of course) brew guides and some extra treats because they (maybe even you) deserve it.

Stocking Fillers

We also have a few collaborative things and small treats to fill out those stockings like our cupping spoon, pin badge set, coffee scrub and LMNH Sweetshop Cap Bundle.

Free postage to the UK is included for these, and everything listed above, so get yourself over the line for gifting today.

by Marty Latham at December 12, 2018 05:58 PM

December 07, 2018

Pure Coffee Blog


Subject: Fourtillfour
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
WiFi?: yes
Rating: 6+ [see key]

Car aficionados love coffee, so it's only natural that Scottsdale, with its rust-free climate, would have a car-focused coffee establishment. Opened in 2016, Fourtillfour is a cozy garage-like coffee shop that not only boasts a superb patio, but also hosts monthly porsche nights as well as a similar night for off-roading vehicles.
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by Bill ( at December 07, 2018 09:01 AM